BREAKING: Cops Take A Knee Then Walk Out On Redskins Leaving Them Stranded In Their Locker Room Overnight

The Washington Redskins allowed 11 of their players to take a knee for the National Anthem Monday night, enraging fans and local law enforcement in Philadelphia. After the game, the 14 officers assigned to seeing the team safely to their bus decided to show them the same respect they’re showing our veterans.

The men lined up in front of the door, took a knee, put a fist in the air and shouted “Blue Lives Matter!” Then the captain informed them that they were “on their own” and the corp walked out. With nobody to make sure they weren’t mauled by angry fans, they ‘Skins decided to hunker down for the night and have a little slumber party right in their locker room instead.

Because they had no other choice. Their buses sitting right outside and a long ride ahead of them, it wasn’t until after 5 AM when tailgating closes at the stadium that the team was safe enough to start their long-haul back to DC.

The Philadelphia Police Department released a statement that those officers are on the stadium payroll during games and therefore not subject to disciplinary action. Stadium officials say the matter will be handled internally. In other words, good job, fellas. Show those entitled brats how things really work.

6 Replies to “BREAKING: Cops Take A Knee Then Walk Out On Redskins Leaving Them Stranded In Their Locker Room Overnight”

  1. JoAnne

    lol, way to go! Show those spoiled brats what’s, what! My dad was a decorated Captain in the army and I have nephews who also served. I’d like to see or hear that they got the same respect or lack of they are showing the flag and what it stands for. I haven’t watched a game since all this started and until they stop this crap, I won’t

  2. Bob Bourassa

    Great job. We need more & more people to show these assholes just how little we/they are respected. Sit/shut them down, it’s time for us to take dignity back to the average person. They can’t spell, nor talk as an American. What’s there to be proud of.

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